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Leading, Educating,
Empowering, & Providing
For Our Families

The L.E.E.P. Project provides self-help and mutual support for families of children and youth with serious emotional disturbances or mental health challenges. This service increases the knowledge, skills, and confidence of parents and family members in parenting their child/youth. Through a network of formal and informal supports, education, and treatment resources, our purpose is to help caregivers navigate the complicated pathway of Mississippi children’s mental health system.
L.E.E.P. provides assistance and support to families in a
variety of ways, including: 
  • Identified methods and approaches commonly used to identify children/youth with behavioral, conduct or emotional disorders 
  • Development of a family action plan 
  • Child development 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Effective communication 
  • Identifying and utilizing community resources 
  • Parent/professional collaboration 
  • Overview of a collaborative service network 

Currently, L.E.E.P. is providing Parents Helping Parents Support Groups in Lafayette and Yalobusha Counties. 
For more information contact: 

Family Outreach Coordinator 
Caroline Hon