If you are experiencing a crisis, please call: 1-662-234-7521 or 1-866-837-7521
Community Support Services
“Community Support Services (CSS) provide a wide range of person-centered support services that are delivered by community-based, mobile specialists. CSS are provided for adults, children, adolescents and families and will vary depending on the changing needs of each individual. The purpose of CSS is to provide individualized and measurable services to each person served. CSS focuses on improving the individual’s ability to succeed in the community; to access and utilize valuable resources; and to show functional improvement within the areas of school/work, family, and the community. Each individual served is assigned a full-time Community Support Specialist who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in a mental health related field and a Department of Mental Health Certification. Using a strengths based approach, CSS helps individuals to meet and exceed their treatment goals and facilitates recovery.”