Communicare’s MYPAC program is an intensive home and community-based program that utilizes the Wraparound Model to promote family driven, youth-voiced care. Children and youth with an SED are eligible to participate in the MYPAC Program if they are at immediate risk of requiring treatment in a psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF) or if they are currently in a PRTF and ready to transition back into their home and community. The overall service delivery approach is a System of Care (SOC) that ensures participating youth will have access to a coordinated, seamless, culturally competent, consumer/family driven, youth guided, individualized array of services and supports in their community.


The wraparound process is a coordination of services provided to youth and families in a collaborative team-based approach to service and support planning. Families will identify their own needs and create methods and a plan to meet those needs. The wraparound team is comprised of formal and informal supports including the family, the youth, extended family, neighbors, friends, mentors, MYPAC staff, other agencies involved with the family (schools, churches, and/or CPS), and other community support services the family identifies who will work together in partnership to move through the four phases of wraparound: Engagement and Team preparation, Initial Plan Development, Plan Implementation, and Transition.

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