October 14, 2021

Nurturing Parenting Classes: Your Baby Didn’t Come with a Manual

Whether you’re a new parent or your child is in their teens, parenting classes can be helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about handling the daily challenges of raising a child. In nurturing parenting classes, parents and children are actively involved in improving individual behaviors and the family dynamic! Lessons focus on family life skills, including healthy communication, anger management and discipline. The program may also include having family meetings, increasing empathy and preventing child abuse and substance abuse.

As a new parent, parenting classes will give you the ABCs of parenting, guiding you through the first stages of your baby's life. You may also learn from other new parents of infants and toddlers and experts in the field of parenting.

Here are a few specific benefits of parenting classes.

Reduce family stress.

The stress you feel as a parent to a new baby can be felt by your whole family, particularly the change in sleep schedules! A parenting class can help reduce family stress by teaching you new coping skills and how to adjust. Coping with newborns and infants may feel overwhelming at first, so parenting classes help you learn how to deal with your infant's needs as well as the rest of the family's needs. Having this kind of know-how makes every member of the family feel calmer.

Create a healthy family routine.

When there's a new baby in the home, it's important to create ground rules that everyone knows and can follow. Your new baby will thrive when everyone knows what to expect and can adjust accordingly. And when the entire family knows the rules, it makes life at home much easier for everyone involved. These rules may include being mindful of noise levels when the baby is sleeping or creating a schedule for new parents so you can get time to take care of yourself while still being present in your child's life.

Become a more confident parent.

Knowledge is power, so parenting techniques, strategies and hacks will help you feel more confident as a new parent. While classes for new parents start with the basics such as feeding, diapering and bathing, the program will go deeper for those families with specific needs for their child. All babies are different; the reality is that your baby may need more attention when it comes to their feeding habits, sleeping schedules and overall care. 

Parenting classes also give you tips on how to care for yourself and improve interactions with your baby, including information on breastfeeding, sleeping and bonding.  

Be happier as a family.

At Communicare, we teach more than just Mom or Dad—we teach each family member about empathy, self-worth and awareness, appropriate family roles and age-appropriate expectations of children's development. Parents and children learn how to improve the quality of their lives together!

Nurturing Parenting Classes are now available at Communicare in Calhoun, Lafayette, Marshall, Panola, Tate and Yalobusha Counties. Email parenting@oxfordcommunicare.com for more information and to see when our next classes start.