September 2, 2021

I Want to Get Sober: Would Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Help?

The terrifying reality of substance abuse isthat it can lead people down a dark path, potentially resulting in addiction, mental health issues, physical harm, incarceration or even death.  

The promising news is there are treatment options available for those who want help with getting and staying sober. Residential substance abuse treatment programs provide an environment where individuals can focus on healing from their addictions and learn skills to live soberly as they transition back into society.

In this article, we’ll explore what to expect when you enter residential substance abuse treatment and how it may be able to help you get sober!

What is Residential Substance Abuse Treatment?

Residential substance abuse treatment is a program that provides a sober living environment for people recovering from addiction. The individuals participating in the program will be living in the treatment facility while in recovery and working on their physical, emotional and mental healing. They will likely live with other recovering individuals who also have addiction issues.

These residential programs offer a transitional environment in a supportive setting where members can develop coping skills and maintain sobriety, such as avoiding triggers, finding support for their recovery journey and building sober networks. The program may also provide other classes that promote healing through the introduction to new skills and hobbies, such as meditation, art, gardening, music and yoga.

Addiction treatment is often paired with mental health counseling to address underlying issues that may have caused or contributed to substance abuse or dependence. You may also use medicated-assisted treatment while at the facility and then transition to intensive outpatient treatment.

How to Prepare for Residential Treatment Admission  

Pack enough clothes for seven to 10 days, comfortable shoes and hygiene items such as toothbrush, shampoo and soap. Bring identification, such as your driver's license, and insurance. Don't forget any doctor-prescribed medication.  

Items you should not bring to substance abuse treatment are mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices. During your stay, it's best to focus on your treatment, and gadgets may distract you from the program.

Do not bring perfume, cologne, nail polish remover and alcohol-based products, including mouthwash. Any weapons and sharp objects are also strictly prohibited. There's also no need to bring large sums of money.

People who care about you must know what they can do to help. Before entering into residential treatment, let your family and friends know where you will be for the next week or two. Some of them may want to accompany you during the admissions process and meet the coordinator who will assess you.

Communicare’s Haven House is an alcohol and drug treatment facility that provides holistic and evidence-based treatment models. We employ a person-centered approach to treat each client individually, tailoring their treatments for each person's current wants and needs. At Communicare, we have many options to help you begin and maintain your recovery journey: Reach out any time; we’d love to help.